Take Control of Your Monthly Utility Bills with Budget Billing!


Utility bills often cause concern for many households, but enrolling in Budget Billing can help ease some of that stress. A Budget Billing plan allows you to pay your annual energy bill in consistent monthly payments, avoiding the seasonal fluctuations that are often associated with bills.

Why Choose Budget Billing?

Budget Billing offers the benefit of more predictable and manageable heating bill payments by spreading the cost evenly throughout the year. While the plan won't lower your annual heating expenses, it will help you budget by billing an average amount each month based on the past 12 months of usage.

How Does Budget Billing Work?

When you enroll in Budget Billing, we calculate your average monthly payment based on your household's past energy usage. This ensures that your monthly gas bill remains consistent and predictable, even if your actual energy consumption varies throughout the year. This is especially beneficial during the winter months when heating needs and energy usage typically increase.

Understanding the Calculation

The plan uses a rolling average based on your actual gas usage. It’s calculated by looking at your previous 11 months' bills plus the current month. This total is then added to your accrued debit or credit balance and divided by 12. The resulting figure is the amount you pay each month. Since it’s a rolling average, there is no need for a year-end true-up.

Benefits of Budget Billing

  • Avoid Unexpected High Bills: the plan helps you steer clear of the surprise of high bills during peak heating months.
  • Manage Your Budget: With a predictable monthly bill, you can plan and budget more effectively, reducing financial stress.

To enroll in Budget Billing, visit the payment options portion of our website, here: https://summitnaturalgas.com/payment-options. Or, speak to a friendly and helpful customer service representative by calling 1-800-927-0787.