The 2019 Community Giving Program is now closed!

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Guiding Principles of Summit Natural Gas Of Missouri's Community Giving Program

Because Summit Natural Gas Of Missouri wants to be a good community partner and neighbor, we will continue to commit resources for worthy causes that maintain and improve Missouri’s sense of community. Whether it is providing funding for community events and services or offering funding to local organizations for community-building efforts, Summit Natural Gas Of Missouri is dedicated to our community.

Through our Community Sponsorship Program, we award funding to organizations and businesses with strategies that align with Summit Natural Gas Of Missouri’s key areas of interest. Priority is given to health-related and educational initiatives and programs. Our secondary priorities and key area of interests include economic and cultural initiatives that are geared to improve the overall well-being of our neighbors.

Key Interests

Wellness Initiatives

Educational Initiatives

Economic Initiatives

Cultural Initiatives

While Summit Natural Gas Of Missouri will accept all applications submitted; we strive to align our budgeted community dollars to areas of interest and key priorities. Applications that include (but not limited to) political affiliations, church affiliations, and most school fundraising (examples: yearbook, key club, etc.) will typically not be considered for funding.

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