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Always There when you Need It!

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that natural gas is always there when you need it, even during winter storms and electrical outages. Natural gas provides reliable back-up power even in the harshest of conditions. Natural gas equipment is easier to repair and maintain which means lower maintenance costs for you. Your natural gas supply is always on and always “full”. Never worry about filling your propane tank again!

Currently have propane? Converting to natural gas is a very easy conversion and is a more efficient heating solution.

Service lines less than 300 feet could be installed at no cost to the resident!

Comfortable & Versatile

Gas water heaters heat water twice as fast as traditional water heaters and produce more water per hour. Natural gas tankless water heaters have low operating costs and you never have to worry about running out of hot water. Natural gas stoves, cook tops and ovens also use less energy and are the choice of professional chefs because of the nearly immediate temperature control. Natural gas clothes dryers dry faster than those that run on electricity and use nearly two times less energy than an electric dryer.**

The Greener Choice

Natural gas provides the best overall energy value to heat your home, with gas furnaces and boilers up to 97% efficient while emitting about 16% less carbon dioxide than propane heating.**


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