Springtime Checklist to Reduce Energy Costs


Use this helpful checklist to help you accomplish tasks and to-do’s to make simple updates to your home. These tips will help you save money and energy as we head into warmer weather.

- Adjust the Temperature of Your Water Heater. Your water heater accounts for a large portion of your home energy bill — up to 25% in some instances. Many water heaters are set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Turning the setting down to 130 or even 120 degrees Fahrenheit could help save money and energy usage.

- Check Your Home’s Insulation. Insulation is a key part of a home’s energy efficiency. It keeps the external temperatures outside while locking in your interior temperatures. Without proper insulation, your climate-controlled inside air will seep out. Go through your home and check for proper insulation, especially in your attic. Insulation can deteriorate, fall, or experience damage over time, so it’s important to maintain the integrity of your home insulation.

- Install a Programmable Thermostat. Take control of your home’s inside temperature with a programmable thermostat. Use your programmable thermostat to turn down your heat or air conditioning when the house is empty or when you’re away. You could lower your energy bills with a smart thermostat that allows you to remotely adjust your home temperature 24/7. Shop our online marketplace today at https://b2c2.poweredbyefi.org/summit_utilities_mo to take advantage of additional savings on a variety of smart thermostats!

- Sign up for Paperless Billing. Paperless billing helps you eliminate extra paper mail while also helping the environment. By going paperless, you can receive bills through email and access account information by signing into our secure, online customer portal. You can also pay bills online or set up automatic payments.

- Always Call 811 Before You Dig. Homeowners, business owners and contractors – everyone should call 811 to determine the location of existing underground utility lines in order to limit the chances of striking one, including gas, water, sewer and electric. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it's also the law. Visit our natural gas safety page at https://summitnaturalgas.com/NaturalGasSafety to learn more!

- Update your Contact Info. Do we have your correct contact information? In case of emergency, it's important that we know how to reach you via phone, text, mail and email. Login to your account at https://summitnaturalgas.com or call us at 800-927-0787 to make sure we have your current contact information and preferences.