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No mess left behind


With any major project comes clean up.

Summit Natural Gas is dedicated to returning each location to the state it was in when we first arrived on site. In order to do this we  have separate crews dedicated to the installation of the pipeline and to the clean up of construction.

The clean up process begins once construction is complete on a section. Our clean up crew will come in and take the necessary steps to returning the property to its original condition.

Please understand that we are currently doing construction all over the lake and have crews working throughout the area. Because of the diverse nature of the lake area and how spread out construction is, our crews may not get to clean up a location right after construction is finished. Rest assured that we will get to your location and return it to the condition is was in before we got there.

There are several methods that the clean up crews could use during clean up depending on what is needed at each location. Some may be as simple as adding gravel to a driveway or road, cleaning out a culvert, re-establishing a bar ditch or compacting ditches that were dug during construction.

Other methods include laying straw and hydro-seeding.


Crews hydro-seed a section of our pipeline after clean up.

Horseshoe Bend Parkway gets re-seeded.

The clean up process also occurs on our steel line.

Before cleanup
Before clean up on our steel line.

After cleanupAfter clean up crews.

We ask for your patience and understanding when it comes to the clean up process. We have no intentions of leaving an area without having it cleaned up.

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Gas Safety

Summit Natural Gas is dedicated to your safetySafety is of the highest importance in the natural gas industry. If you believe you have a natural gas emergency, call 855-460-0021.


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"Summit has been very open and willing to work with other companies in the area. They have been a great community partner in all aspects. Their professionalism from the top management to the sub-contractors has been a wonderful experience for all of us that are involved."

-Mike Kenagy, Executive Director
Lake West Chamber of Commerce


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