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Gas Line Materials Arriving


Materials for the Lake of the Ozarks gas line project has begun to arrive as construction draws nearer.

Around 2 million feet of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) distribution pipe will be used throughout the project.

Natural gas distribution pipe

2" HDPE pipe

Natural gas HDPE pipe

4" HDPE pipe

A line tamer is used to help straighten the pipe before it is lowered into the trench.

line tamer

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Gas Safety

Summit Natural Gas is dedicated to your safetySafety is of the highest importance in the natural gas industry. If you believe you have a natural gas emergency, call 855-460-0021.


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"Summit has been very open and willing to work with other companies in the area. They have been a great community partner in all aspects. Their professionalism from the top management to the sub-contractors has been a wonderful experience for all of us that are involved."

-Mike Kenagy, Executive Director
Lake West Chamber of Commerce


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